Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The first two of the Table series continuing Braque's Gueridon exploration of space/time, but also seeking to understand mass/energy in space, not just flat form. Gravity as well as electromagnetism. Other works deal with the strong and weak force of the Unified Field theory.

The visual language of creative art, especially that born of the  scientific revolution, the Modern, is based on the only true universal language of mathematics. As with music it uses Color/Harmony, Line/Melody, and Structure/Rhythm to communicate and be a part of the Universe through understanding, not apart from it. Modern art is not over, but is under attack as it seeks to replace individual desire for being a part of the all.
Dark matter and energy are next.

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  1. Next up is dealing with dark Matter/Energy. Seeking not to illustrate academic ideas, but exploring the world on all levels through the visual language is arts purpose.