Saturday, February 9, 2013

Living Room Table

                                                    Newest Project.
                                  Black table with mauve trim and aliziarin, viridian, prussian legs
                                  Brass lamp, Poinsetia pink Roses in lavendar vase, houseplant
                                                    4'x3'  At least 16 colors.

                                   Basecoat, need modifications of color harmonies, strengthening of colors variegated, and move vase to the right.
Final version
Final Version


  1. Beautiful colors, DF. Love those peace lilies. Let's see the finished painting.

  2. Coming along Cate, almost done but have no time. Roses will have white on sunburst undercoat as it and the vase are my only concern now, rest are figured out as art is truly but problem solving and staying on track once the initial impact is decided upon. A concept is but a beginning, the realization comes about on an unknown journey, loading up real life experience to make it have a true life force.
    Drawing out another table of the living room. That's three, seem to have my spiritual grandfather Braque taking me over right now. But I got a Mediterranean feel on top of the Norman Fraselle/Bellas blood. Cali is beautiful, always amazing how few painters understand it as most LA types are artsy imports seeking to brown nose Hollyweird fellow outsiders. Us natives are rare it seems though WW is also.

  3. I like the final version! The white roses are beautiful against the dark table, and the white outline on the fireplace hearth in the background on the right is also a nice geometric detail.