Monday, June 3, 2013

Two newest of Table series. Soul Life 3 and 4.

                                                All 48"x36". Kitchen and Living Room(2)


  1. Are these paintings meant to be a pair, or did you just post them side by side while in progress? I particularly like the composition of the kitchen painting of the fruit bowl and toaster. Healthy breakfast!

  2. Thanks Cate, almost done as have a weekend show the 26th at the VexArts in ELA. Steve has sold mine in the past at events, but just getting an old punk rock guys new site open with City folks coming in to fund an arts center, which I think is great. If thats his real motive.
    Will post completed works soon, they are separate and go with the two previous Table works. With two of A. framing the four. Things are f'd up as A is stage 3 and starting chemo soon. Bad insurance at the lame spiritual center she works part time at, but loves her new part time gig at Ronald McDonald House so two jobs, while she can still work. Surgery is done and healed quickly.
    Thats the way of the future, shutting down salaries and perks as they dumb us down and fill us with crap, so the nouveau riche can party and old money get more. And while my eldest is in the military(Annapolis grad, med school now) while we are at war,, This is why I hate the contempt artscene, F'n frat boy partiers and scumbags, don't want to sell to them but to professionals with real skills, as Matisse wanted to.

  3. DF, I'm so sad and shocked to hear about A's illness. We have to talk soon to hear more details, but from your post here we're wondering if she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Tim and I would like to help or offer support in any way. We certainly understand the difficulties of insurance coverage and high cancer treatment costs.
    Good luck with the art show. Wish I could be there, but don't think I can manage to get away that weekend. I'll send you a note through Facebook. Hope to talk soon. Take care. Our prayers are with Aldeana, you and your family.